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RubblePile Administrator
Posted Jul 01 2013, 02:38 AM

Summer Slaughter is heating up and we have a new 3-month map with an awesome spawn created by tripledd. If you die during the month, you can donate a minimum of $2 for an extra life, and you can donate a 2nd time if you die a 2nd time.

We still are using custom terrain for this map but there have been a few changes to the terrain parameters. cbarber has done a fantastic job of tweaking this map to ensure it was balanced and the biomes were all generated correctly. Gold/Emerald ore distribution has changed a bit, so try mining in a different biome if you're not having much luck.

The main world size is 14k x 14k (Borders are +-7000) and nether border is around 800, and will be extended once minecraft 1.6 has been released and the server has upgraded.

In preparation for Minecraft 1.6, cbarber has written a plugin that identifies dungeon chests and once 1.6 is released, their contents will be modified so there's a chance they'll have horse armor added to them as long the chest has never been opened. If you find a dungeon and want a chance at getting horse armor once the server is upgraded to 1.6... make a note of the location and come back to it after the update.

Death bans are of course reset, so give it a shot and see if you can survive!

xMopx Player
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