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Posted Mar 30 2012, 02:10 AM | Edited 15 times, last by xMopx


To appeal a death ban, please create a new thread with your in-game name as the title.

Please include the location and time (and timezone!) in which you died, as well as a reason why you feel the death was invalid. This saves us the trouble of hunting down your information. This forum is only visible to administrators, so you can post coordinates without risk. Also include a list of VALUABLE items that were lost, within reason.

Other Bans

If you were banned by a moderator or administrator, please give the name of the person who banned you (you can find out here), the reason you were banned, and why you feel you should be unbanned. Also, please put the name of the banner in the title of your post. 

Your post title should look like this:

YourName - BannedBy

e.g. tabmonkey - savoie

If you are not sure who banned you, look at the "Bans" tab on the top of the page, or go to If you were banned by "Console", you still use "Console".

Requests not including the above information will be have a delayed response time.


If your ban appeal goes for a few days without a response, please bump it to the top of the forums by making another post in that thread. Particularly at the start of the month, we have a lot of death appeals to look over, as well as countless other administrative duties, and things can get overlooked at times. Please end your ban appeal with "- Lemony Snicket" as proof you read this post. So if your appeal hasn't been responded to in a while, just reply to the thread with the word "Bump", which will push it back up to the top of the forum where we will see it. 


If you bump your post more than once in a day, we're probably going to ignore it for a while. Don't do it. Only bump if your post hasn't had a response in more than a day.

If you want extra advice that may help you get unbanned, read this:

When you are ready to appeal a ban, click here.

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