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RubblePile Administrator
Posted Mar 24 2014, 05:42 PM

Hello everyone,

As you may know we will be resetting the map for April, so we're holding a spawn contest again.  If you'd like to enter, post either a download of the world edit schematic or the world save in this thread accompanied by some images of the spawn by 6:00 PM Eastern Time on 30th March 2014. We will then start a community vote and the spawn with the most votes will be used as the spawn for the duration of the October map. We will also be giving away two free lives to the winner and one free life to the runner up! (If a team of builders wins then only one of the team may redeem the life.)



Remember the spawn area is 400*400 so your spawn shouldn't be bigger than this. Most spawns don't get anywhere near this big though.
Try and give your spawn exits in each of the 4 directions and don't give a bias to one particular direction.
There should be a portal (or portals) somewhere within the spawn.
Leave space for the admins to add signs with the rules in a place visible immediately from the spawn point.
Don't use excessive redstone.
Don't have any "cheaty" blocks like anvils or enchanting tables in your build. Crafting tables are fine.
Build whatever you like but remember that admins reserve the right to make any changes to your spawn they deem necessary if it wins the competition.
If your spawn doesn't win but still gets plenty of votes then you're welcome to enter it into the next map's competiton. We also reserve the right to use any of the spawns submitted at a future date.

Good luck!

kp10708 Player
Posted Mar 24 2014, 11:21 PM

I'd like to resubmit one of my previous spawns,

not sure if you guys have the schematics but I'm sure if you go digging around you'll find them.

Have a nice day!

RubblePile Administrator
Posted Mar 26 2014, 12:23 PM

Previously submitted spawns are definitely welcomed.

kp, I don't know if we ever received a schematic or world download for that spawn. I've scoured the forum, reddit and irc looking for links, but I'm not sure if you ever posted it. Hopefully you still have the world save for it.

kp10708 Player
Posted Mar 27 2014, 03:03 PM

Okay, I guess I'd like to submit this other spawn then:

kTdnG Administrator
Posted Mar 27 2014, 04:14 PM | Edited 3 times, last by kTdnG

Here is my spawn submission :-)

Edit: the schematic file: Link

helloothere Player
Posted Mar 28 2014, 11:09 PM

I tried making a spawn area but I'm bad at building and ended up making a small graveyard/cemetery. Putting it up anyway in case you might want to use it as a spot around spawn for info about the graveyard map. disregard stuff in the background

lazr3th Player
Posted Mar 29 2014, 08:03 PM | Edited 4 times, last by lazr3th

I submit this building to be the spawn building.

I'm working to get a smaller schematic of just this building, but it's not my doing. I do however - have a schematic of the entire city that it's placed in. It's large, but someone who knows how (not me) could cut the building out of it and make a new schematic.

If it wins, I can provide the schematic for the city that this building is inside.

It would take some significant gutting, there is a LOT of redstone inside the walls, because hundreds of lights are wired up to a day light sensor. There would also be design tweaks, like taking out all of the things for players on my non hardcore survival server. Chests, furnaces, alchemy stations and what have you. Or you can leave them and lock them.

kTdnG Administrator
Posted Mar 30 2014, 05:53 AM

i did some world editting with the help of our great leader Foxitude and made annother version of my spawn building with 4 exits.

here is the schematics file: link

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