Report a Bug » Drowneds doesn't spawn.

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Posted Apr 06 2019, 04:31 PM

I have tried making a drowned farm but it just doesn't work.

No drowneds spawn. When i do the same thing in a single player vanilla world it works great. Yes it's over a river biome etc..

I'm doing it right, actually i don't know if i ever have seen a single drowned spawn on this map. I have seem and battled them, but that was near ocean ruins, drowned generate near these when the map are generated. Generated drowneds aren't despawned unless they get killed. So i think no new drowneds can spawn, at least not right now. It maybe worked at the start of the map, idk.

You can see there. And i know you can drown zombies to transform them into drowned, but these drowned can never have tridents in Java Edition.

Posted May 05 2019, 05:37 PM

Any progress on this?

klaasjan222 Player
Posted May 06 2019, 08:46 AM


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