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foxitude Player
Posted Oct 18 2013, 09:34 PM | Edited 4 times, last by foxitude

Be careful with your second chance!!

I started on the server in the last few days on January 2012. I became an admin at the start of April, and continued to play, having an awesome time.

Since HCSMP's first birthday this time last year, a LOT has changed. Of the six admins who existed when I got promoted, I alone remain. Since then, we have gained new admins; Moodh, JoeltheMole, Hawtre, ocelotpotpie and RubblePile.

In February this year, the previous owner Savoie stepped down, along with gmxgeek and tabmonkey. xMopxShell stepped up as dev, and I took on the owner position. Recently xMopxShell has stepped down, but I remained, with a dedicated team, which cbarber and RubblePile joined.

Through all these staff changes, we have had our difficulties, but have pulled through, continuing to develop and re-imagine. You will notice some changes around here soon, some you have seen (exp mod) and some you have yet to see (events?!).

I hope you will all continue to support this amazing server, and continue to make it an awesome place to play. We do a lot of hard work, but without you guys, there would be no HCSMP.

Thanks again to the Admins and mods, and happy birthday HCSMP!

RubblePile Administrator
Posted Oct 18 2013, 10:12 PM

In recognition of this special day, all deathbans have been reset! Enjoy the last half of October HCSMP and watch out for mobs!

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