General Announcements » HCSMP is shutting down- Final reset Friday 1st Jan

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Ossbourne Administrator
Posted Dec 29 2020, 11:09 PM

Dear HCSMP Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closure of HCMSP. It joins other great servers like AmishSMP.

HCSMP has been a fantastic community since the early days of the game and has forged many friendships and alliances. However, Minecraft is currently over a decade old and due to a lack of active players and developers I feel it’s best to lay the server to rest. This isn’t an easy decision but I don’t want to see HCSMP limp on. I feel that It’s owed that much.

The main map will reset on Friday the 1st of Jan and will run until the server times out early July 2021. The map will be 50x50 and deathban will reset every Thursday. Donations will still be available but will no longer grant a revive.

The graveyard map will be available as a torrent shortly, it will be maintained for at least 6 months.

I’m grateful to all the players who put in so much time and hard work to maintain the server, whether it was as a Mod, an Admin or just being part of the community.

I have made many friends on HCSMP, I will never forget the bases, the grinders or … the traps.

On a personal note; Games are about communities. They are about forging friendships and alliances, strategizing and betraying. My entire involvement in HCSMP started from the simple gift of a single netherwart placed under some stairs in a hopper a long time ago.

Whenever possible, try to engage with the community around a game. Don’t just sit back clicking the matchmaking button only to spend hours in a game never meeting the same players twice.

The discord server will remain up as expected and once the server times out the website will redirect to this reddit post.



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