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Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Jun 10 2016, 12:05 AM

It’s that time again! We are less than 3 weeks from the July map reset and time for another contest to see who can make the most epic spawn for our next map!! Use the guidelines below to layout your build.

If you'd like to enter, post either a download of the world edit schematic or the world save in this thread accompanied by some images of the spawn. The deadline for submission is 0001 (midnight) UTC, June 25th. We will hold a community vote and the build with the most votes will be our spawn for the July map. Prizes are two free lives to the winner and one free life to the runner up! (If a team of builders wins then only one of the team may redeem the life.)


  • Remember the spawn area is 400 X 400 so your spawn shouldn't be bigger than this. Most spawns don't get anywhere near this big though.
  • Try and give your spawn exits in each of the 4 directions and don't give a bias to one particular direction.
  • There should be a portal (or portals) somewhere within the spawn.
  • Leave space for the admins to add signs with the rules in a place visible immediately from the spawn point.
  • Don't use excessive redstone.
  • Don't have any "cheaty" blocks like anvils or enchanting tables in your build. Crafting tables are fine.
  • Build whatever you like but remember that admins reserve the right to make any changes they deem necessary to your spawn build.
  • You may build in game or in single player using creative or survival. Weight is given to builds accomplished in survival. If you build in game notify an admin and we will make a copy of your build.
  • If your spawn doesn't win this time you're welcome to enter it in the next map's competition. We reserve the right to use any of the spawns submitted at a future date.
daislost Player
Posted Jun 23 2016, 04:56 PM | Edited 1 time, last by daislost


World Save:!owYGFQCZ

(needs a key?:" 
!J3yhLCMBJ12RlSyUppyxaVrSMwtHBYrvURifxMYArIw ")


4 images:


It's a simple labyrinth/maze garden. If it's too hard for people, then just punch a straight line into it I guess? 


Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Jun 23 2016, 06:00 PM

Thanks daislost. You are entered in the contest. Good Luck!

Medoria Player
Posted Jun 27 2016, 01:15 AM | Edited 3 times, last by Medoria

This is late, but hopefully you can still put it into the voting.

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