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Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted May 01 2016, 06:53 PM

First Place:      KlaasJan222            Prize: 2 Diamond Blocks
Second Place:  IFKAwSome             Prize: 10 Sponges
Third Place:      Smidi_Plays            Prize:  32 Potatoes

The Parkour Challenge was held Sunday at 17:00 UTC in spawn and lasted just over an hour. Players were challenged and frustrated by the many difficulties of the course. There were several nail biters as contestents got to the last jump and fell to the ground in dispare only to have to start all over again. It was challenging, it was frustrating, it was FUN!!!

We will run the contest again following each deathban reset until the end of the map. The course will remain open for practice until the next competition. Once again there will be prizes and more frustration.

A special thanks to all those mods, devs and admins who helped build and implement the course. Ossbourne, MCRob2, cbarber, and ocelotpotpie. We couldn;t have done it without a team effort.

Thanks for playing,
Your HCSMP Team

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