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kTdnG Administrator
Posted Apr 30 2014, 07:04 AM

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Graveyard

In HCSMP born and raised
in the Chill room where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing no doom
AFKing with Spektus in the corner of the room
When the asshole bartjebor who was up to no good
Started swinging his sword in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and i got torn apart
And said you're moving to klaasjan222 and banaanmetkip in the graveyard


I whistled for klaasjan222 but he was nowhere near,
He told me come live with me and banaanmetkip
If anything I could say that this place was rare
But I thought now forget it, lets survive this shit

I spawned at a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the klaasjan222, yo Holmes smell ya later
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of the graveyard

RastaSh33p Administrator
Posted Apr 30 2014, 07:07 AM

:'') good times buddy, too bad Spekuts is no more T_T

klaasjan222 Player
Posted Apr 30 2014, 11:45 AM

Great story

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