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Posted May 13 2016, 05:58 PM | Edited 2 times, last by Fairlane57

IT'S BACK!!! The HCSMP Parkour Challenge

The Event will start Monday 5-16-16 at 17:00 (5:00 pm) UTC or High Noon in Dallas, Texas. Players not near spawn will be teleported by an admin and returned after the game ends. Competition will re-run after each server wide revival (1st and 15th of each month)   

The Parkour route starts at the west spawn fortress exit. It includes a series of contraptions, machines, and a dash of Evil muwahahahahaha. The first 3 players to finish in the quickest time will each win a prize. Previous winners can play, but will not be eligible to win prizes.

Rules during the competition:
- GameTime: Monday 5-16-16 at 17:00 (5:00 pm) UTC.
- Admins will teleport players to spawn then back after the game.
- Players gather in spawn for a “Shotgun” start.
- Players must complete the entire course to win.
- The player who finishes with the quickest time is the winner.
- The first 3 to finish win a prize.
- The competition will last about 1 hour.
                 If no one completes the course in the allotted time the game will be re-scheduled for the next day to  allow time for practice.

- Pushing and shoving is allowed
- Trash talk, taunting and psyching out is also allowed (just keep it clean)
- Use of Elytra (wings), Ender Pearls and Potions such as Jump Boost, Speed etc. are NOT allowed.
                Violators will be disqualified and teleported to a far corner of the map.
                As always, Hacks or mods that are considered cheating are bannable and receive a permanent ban.
- An abbreviated version of the rules will be posted near the starting line.


Randomly selected prizes for the top contestants

1st Place: 2 diamond blocks or 1 mending book or villager spawn egg
2nd Place: 10 diamonds or head of admin or 10 dry sponges
3rd Place: 32 raw potatoes or 32 dead bush or 64 stone brick

The course will remain in spawn for the rest of the map for everyone to run it in between competitions. Don’t forget fall damage and hunger are disabled in spawn.

Check out the video:

Good luck
Your HCSMP team

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