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Posted Dec 12 2018, 01:35 PM

A player/discord member recently (around the time of me posting this) brought up an issue he had on the server where a player kept dicussing "butt sex" and wouldn't stop even after being told to by the player/discord member. After that a discussion was started on the Discord over whether it was okay for people to talk like that on the server. We eventually concluded that the rules didn't encompass that exact issue, so it was allowed by default.

I would like for the rules to be expanded to prevent players from using "overly inappropriate" language on the server such as what we dicussed. This would still allow swearing for those that are so inclined to swear, but would be targeted at players that decide to bring up stuff that doesn't belong at the server.

As shown already by the player/discord member, new players don't want play on a server where people are talking about "butt sex." I would highly consider adding this.

Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Dec 12 2018, 10:50 PM

We don't monitor discord much, but we do monitor game chat. This is an adult server, but if language goes too far (admin or mod call ) we take action. Kick, Mute or Ban. Two things guide our decision, rule #1 Don't be a dick and would you like someone talking "like that" to your little brother or sister. 

We will probably tolerate a little sex banter, but we don't let it go very far. We don't tolerate hate speech or violence such as threatening rape, etc. 

If we are not monitoring when the offensive language occurs you can still report it. We will review the logs and take action as we deem appropriate. We may not agree with you and our decision is final, but we will investigate.

I hope that helps. Have fun!

Posted Dec 12 2018, 11:05 PM
Helpful as always Mr. Fair
Bloodcurdle Player
Posted Dec 25 2018, 04:40 PM
This doesn't fix an issue of targeted harassment, as /msg is a thing. Sexual harassment should not be allowed.
Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Dec 31 2018, 06:14 PM

Blood, we can review private chat, but don't routinely scan pm's. If someone complains we will check out their pm's and take action as appropriate. We particularly won't tolerate targeted harrassment, so if you know of someone being harrassed via pm have them post in the private comments forum and we will look into it.

This is a game and should above all be fun. Threatening harrassment is not fun and will not be tolerated!

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