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klaasjan222 Player
Posted Nov 30 2016, 02:53 PM | Edited 1 time, last by klaasjan222

Hey Hcsmp players.

I would like to suggest to make the map smaller.

To increase the pvp aspect of hcsmp and to make it more important to protect your base.

I think its way to easy to survive hcsmp atm just because you will safe once you make a base and get full gear.

the change that someone will find you in your underground base is realy smal. just because there is to much land to discover.

A smaller map would mean that you have to be more carefull where you build and how you build your base. 

as long stripmines will make it much easier to find you on a small map. 

also builds will be easier to find. 

this way builders have to find new ways to protect their builds by buildings traps. also they have to be allert all the time.

as the change would be bigger that a random guy will find you.

This might make hcsmp a little more active just because the pvp aspect of hcsmp might come back.

i would like to hear what everybody else thinks of this idea.



scottj99 Player
Posted Dec 09 2016, 06:07 PM

This is only my 3rd map, so maybe I'm not the best person to give an opinion of what makes this server tick.  Here's my 20,000 ft view of why the current map size, revive rules, and add-ons work.

Right now we have a SMP server with the threat of PVP, and of course the Hardcore aspect of not returning from a death.  This is unique.  There are other SMP servers, but only one is the first Google result of "one life minecraft server."  In other words, it's a niche that has sustained a community for years.

By making a smaller map, which increases the PVP aspect, we would move toward having a PVP server, but with added SMP features. That would also be unique, because PVP servers are built to quickly get players into combat.  Hard to say if this would be sustainable for a community.  Certainly people would die more frequently, which leads me to think less people would be online.

eXeSeV Player
Posted Dec 11 2016, 04:51 PM

I have only been here a few weeks and I might not be best to assess the game play. The reason I chose to stay here and play comes down to 3 things. First, the hardcore aspect of the server. It is hard to find a real good HC server that promotes servival with the PvP aspect to it. Second, map size. I am not very good at PvP and choose to avoid it as much as possible. If the  circumstances arise that I need to defend my survival I will do so. The map size gives me room to keep myself out of PvP if I so chose. Third, the players are down to earth and not a ton of 12 year olds out to destroy everything and leave 200 foot block towers everywhere, ( If you are 12, sorry no offense). Please if you are entertaining a smaller map keep in mind not all your players are PvP based. Thanx eX


scottj99 Player
Posted Dec 18 2016, 02:35 PM

I used to be 12. In fact, my grandma used to be 12, and I don't appreciate you accusing her of destroying everything. She never made a 200 foot block tower.

klaasjan222 Player
Posted Dec 20 2016, 12:11 PM

lol scottj 

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