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mafu90 Player
Posted Aug 07 2018, 08:52 PM | Edited 2 times, last by mafu90

Hi Everyone,

I was told by a mod to communicate in the forum a problem I've had on the server yesterday. It seemed like there were a couple of temporary lag spikes or whatever, which caused Mobs and Blocks to be frozen (for me at least - so i thought).

An - in other circumstances - easy-to-handle Creeper situation on my new mown lawn in brightest sunlight and full iron armour thus resulted in my tragical abrupt death.

I have sponsored before because i'm impatient and like the concept of the server in general and therefore gladly support it. But since i wasnt sure if it was client- or server-sided, i didnt want to take the chance to pay and then die again because the same poop happens again.

Then today - crestfallen trudging though the forlorn darkness of the Graveyard - the same lag happens. I asked in chat if others had similar lag and some confirmed, someone said they hardly ever have lag on here. But since some confirmed i came to think that it wasnt ever client-sided. 

In NOT BEGGING for a rivive, even though i would appreciate it very much. I hope that if it was server-lag, you guys can fix the problems so people (who want to) can buy revives without hesiting of fear of unjustly dying.

I cant believe ive spent 15 minutes writing this lol. I guess it was also to celebrate my debut in the forum. And also because the graveyard is not that captivating. And also because im lame.


Talk to you guys,

Greetings, mafu90


edit: i realised i didnt even describe the act of dying: so i wanted to sword-kill the creeper by walking forward, hitting, walking backwards, and so on as one does. When i approached for the second hit or so, the creeper didnt hiss anymore when hitting it. I knew there was some shady poop going on right away. Walked back a lot, creeper didnt move anymore, all of a sudden i hear hissing and then boom, and i died. 

Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Aug 07 2018, 10:32 PM

We investigated and found the server was not lagging when you died. Whatever happened was client side, local computer or bad connection. Sorry, but we don't revive for client side issues.

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