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Posted Sep 03 2018, 01:20 AM

Is using the SteelSeries GameSense mod ok?

Fairlane57 Administrator
Posted Sep 03 2018, 05:24 AM

If all it does is let your lighted keyboard reflect you in game health, it would be ok since it does not change gameplay or give you any real advantage. We will research and if it does affect gameplay or give advantage we will not allow it.

Posted Sep 15 2018, 08:34 PM

Yeah, it lets my keyboard show my some things using light. It can show my health bar, with the number row, it can also show some other stuff using the lights on my keyboard in different colors. Like air (if underwater, i guess), my hunger level, something called "hungry" (probably linked to hunger level in some way, they are mapped to the same key row by default), and Tool Durability.

It can also show me compass directions using the arrow keys.

That's my understanding of it (it's included with SteelSeries Engine, as an engine app). You need to download the mod itself separately though, but you get some kind of helper tool included in SteelSeries Engine that lets the mod talk to the keyboard.

But i guess it would be ok, because i don't see anything i can not easily see in-game.

Am i right?

hawtre Administrator
Posted Sep 17 2018, 07:22 PM

I would group something like this into the same category as other HUDs that only change the accessibility of seeing things you can already normally see, so it's fine with me.

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