About IRC

IRC, Internet Relay Chat is a protocol for real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing.

HCSMP has an active IRC channel on irc.esper.net, which you can connect to using the login above.

You only need a username, but you can protect your username with a password once you are logged in by typing:

/msg nickserv register [desired password] [your email address]

The rules for our IRC channel are located on the Wiki.

Closing this window or leaving this page will disconnect you from IRC.

Please follow our IRC rules, which can be seen here.

IRC on your Computer

If you want to use IRC outside of the web browser, try one of the following clients:

X-Chat 2 or MIRC for Windows.

Colloquy or Adium for Mac.

Each client is configured differently, but the information you'd want to use is:

Server IP: irc.esper.net

Port: 6667

Channel(s): #hcsmp