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Death Bans have been reset for the start of Feb.
Feb 01, 12:15 AM by RubblePile

Good luck everybody!


Death bans have been reset for the 2nd-half of Jan
Jan 16, 12:39 AM by RubblePile

See ya 'round!

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2016 HCSMP Player Survey
Jan 08, 05:06 PM by Fairlane57

Your HCSMP Admin Team is constantly trying to improve your game experience on the HCSMP server and would like your input on how to make the server better. We’ve created a new game survey to help us better understand what you like and don’t like about the server and what changes you wish to see in the future. Your suggestions are very important to us and your participation will help us improve your hardcore adventure.

You can find the survey at Please take a moment to complete the survey and help us make this the best Minecraft server on the Internet.

Thank you, Your HCSMP Admin Team.


Map for January 2016 is Live
Dec 31, 11:08 PM by RubblePile

Good luck everybody!


Dec 21, 03:14 PM by Fairlane57

HCSMP is having a Treasure Hunt beginning Christmas Day (December 25th)!!

20 Chests will be hidden within 500 blocks of spawn. Each chest will contain precious items, gold, iron, diamonds, enchanted books and more. There will be clues to help you find the treasure. Beware!!! Hidden danger awaits if you choose to find and claim the loot for yourself!

The rules are simple and are listed below.
1. Game starts Christmas Day and lasts until December 31st or until the last chest is claimed.
2. The boundaries are 500 blocks each direction from spawn. Remember the protected spawn area is 200 blocks each direction from spawn, this means the chests are hidden beyond 200 blocks out to 500 blocks.
Clues will be placed near each chest.
You must search the area around the clue to discover the treasure.
A clue will be something out of the ordinary for the location, something out of place that just doesn’t belong.
NO SIGNS pointing to the treasure.
You cannot expect great reward without risk so beware of hidden danger!
Your prize will be the loot you find and bragging rights!

We hope you have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO!!