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Deathbans have been reset for the 2nd half of July
Jul 16, 12:01 AM by RubblePile

See ya 'round.


July 2015 Map
Jul 01, 03:34 AM by RubblePile

The map has been reset for July.

Also note that death bans will reset on July. 16th, 2015 at Midnight UTC.

XP Scaling is not active this map, building a grinder will probably be the best way to get a lot of XP.

The main world and nether are both 10000x10000, so the borders are +-5000 blocks.

Fighting in spawn is disallowed, even if combat tagged. You'll be blocked from entering spawn if you try.

Don't combat log: you will die immediately if you're combat tagged and you leave the server. Wait until your combat timer runs out before leaving.

The map uses custom terrain for the main world, there's many cool areas to explore and a lot to see.

Good luck everybody!


July 2015 Spawn Competition Winner - Medoria
Jun 29, 10:08 PM by RubblePile

Congratulations to Medoria for the awesome spawn entry. You've won two free revives.

Also congrats to our runners-up Fairlane57 and cheid. They were both tied for second place and both win a free revive.

Map reset will be as early as Midnight UTC on July 1st (in 26 hours), but might be delayed for an hour or two as we're making some configuration changes for the new map.


July 2015 Spawn Voting
Jun 28, 10:00 PM by RubblePile

Hello everyone,

Please vote for your spawn preference for the players who have submitted an entry to the spawn contest:




The winner will be the hcsmp spawn for the July 1st map and will be rewarded with 2 lives. runners-up will receive 1 life as thanks for their participation.

Voting closes June 29, 2015 at 6pm Eastern Time.

Thanks for your input.


Spawn Competition July 2015
Jun 18, 04:15 PM by kTdnG

Hello everyone,

As you may know we will be resetting the map for July, so we're holding a spawn contest again.  If you'd like to enter, post either a download of the world edit schematic or the world save in this thread accompanied by some images of the spawn by 6:00 PM Eastern Time on 28th June 2015. We will then start a community vote and the spawn with the most votes will be used as the spawn for the duration of the July map. We will also be giving away two free lives to the winner and one free life to the runner up! (If a team of builders wins then only one of the team may redeem the life.)



Remember the spawn area is 400*400 so your spawn shouldn't be bigger than this. Most spawns don't get anywhere near this big though.
Try and give your spawn exits in each of the 4 directions and don't give a bias to one particular direction.
There should be a portal (or portals) somewhere within the spawn.
Leave space for the admins to add signs with the rules in a place visible immediately from the spawn point.
Don't use excessive redstone.
Don't have any "cheaty" blocks like anvils or enchanting tables in your build. Crafting tables are fine.
Build whatever you like but remember that admins reserve the right to make any changes to your spawn they deem necessary if it wins the competition.
If your spawn doesn't win but still gets plenty of votes then you're welcome to enter it into the next map's competiton. We also reserve the right to use any of the spawns submitted at a future date.

Good luck!