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HCSMP is shutting down- Final reset Friday 1st Jan
Dec 29, 11:09 PM by Ossbourne

Dear HCSMP Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closure of HCMSP. It joins other great servers like AmishSMP.

HCSMP has been a fantastic community since the early days of the game and has forged many friendships and alliances. However, Minecraft is currently over a decade old and due to a lack of active players and developers I feel it’s best to lay the server to rest. This isn’t an easy decision but I don’t want to see HCSMP limp on. I feel that It’s owed that much.

The main map will reset on Friday the 1st of Jan and will run until the server times out early July 2021. The map will be 50x50 and deathban will reset every Thursday. Donations will still be available but will no longer grant a revive.

The graveyard map will be available as a torrent shortly, it will be maintained for at least 6 months.

I’m grateful to all the players who put in so much time and hard work to maintain the server, whether it was as a Mod, an Admin or just being part of the community.

I have made many friends on HCSMP, I will never forget the bases, the grinders or … the traps.

On a personal note; Games are about communities. They are about forging friendships and alliances, strategizing and betraying. My entire involvement in HCSMP started from the simple gift of a single netherwart placed under some stairs in a hopper a long time ago.

Whenever possible, try to engage with the community around a game. Don’t just sit back clicking the matchmaking button only to spend hours in a game never meeting the same players twice.

The discord server will remain up as expected and once the server times out the website will redirect to this reddit post.




Dec 21, 04:07 PM by Fairlane57

Time to get ready for a new map! We plan to release a new map in early February. We also plan to use the latest update (1.15.x). We will be as busy as bees getting ready for the new map and are soliciting your help, as always.

Help create your HCSMP world by designing a spawn for the new map! The design contest starts today and will continue until January 25, 2020.

Just like in the past, submit your spawn designs as a file download in a WorldEdit schematic or the world save file, along with some images of the spawn.

You may make submissions in either Ver 1.14.x or 1.15.x. We also would like your Nether Spawn submissions along with the overworld! They can be submitted separately. 

We'll accept submissions until January 25th at 23:59 GMT (6:59pm Eastern standard time), and then we'll put all entries to a community vote.

Winner of the overworld spawn will receive 3 "god apples". The runner up gets 1 "god apple"! Winner of the nether spawn gets 1 "god apple" (no runner up)! This means one winner could potentially win 4 "god apples".

Here are some guidelines for making the spawn:

Total overworld spawn area is 200x200 - your build should fit within this but does not have to fill the whole area.
Total Nether spawn area is 100x100 (yes we would like you to include a nether spawn)
Lots of redstone is bad.
Be sure to include nether portal(s) inside spawn
No enderchests, anvils, enchanting tables, etc.
Paths or symmetry with exits in the four cardinal directions is ideal.
Admins will need to add signs along the paths for new players - take this into account!

If your spawn doesn't win this map, you can always submit it for another! 

Also remember that some adjustments may need to be made by admins if your spawn is accepted. By submitting your designs you are giving us permission to modify them as needed and use them in future maps or builds as we see fit.

Good luck!
Your Admin Team


Nov 29, 09:27 PM by Fairlane57

Hawtre passes the baton to Ossbourne.
Below is Hawtre's farewell message, posted on Reddit earlier today.

Hi everyone.

It was 5 years ago (almost to the day) that foxi stepped down as the previous owner of HCSMP, having done an amazing job with running things but not having time to continue due to his career.

As any of our regulars will know, I too have been inactive due to my career, and HCSMP has been neglected as a result.

Like foxi before me, it's now time for me the pass the server on to someone that has the capacity to give it what it needs, and I'm happy to say that person is Ossbourne.

I will shortly be migrating the minecraft server, website, and the rest of our infrastructure and assets to a new server owned by Ossbourne.

I'm not one for long posts, so I'll keep this short. Ossbourne has done a great job as admin and I believe he'll bring some well needed rejuvenation to the server as the new owner. I wholeheartedly thank everyone that has volunteered their time as staff, and those that chose to make HCSMP their home, even for a short while.


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Jul 31, 02:55 PM by Fairlane57

The winner of our spawn competition is FinalHeaven88!!! Congratulations!!! You won both contests and will receive 3 revives and 1 enchanted golden apple (god apple).

The new map is finally ready!!! It is version 1.14.4!! We will go live at 20:00 (8:00pm) GMT. It takes a while to migrate the map so the server will be offline for a bit around 20:00 while we complete the transfer. Please be patient and check frequently to see if the server is up.

Have Fun!!! We hope to see you ingame.

Your Admin Team



August new spawn voting
Jul 28, 02:16 PM by hawtre

Hi all, it's nearly time for the new map and we've had a few spawn entries on the forums and the subreddit.

Please place your vote below for an overworld spawn and a nether spawn and on the 29th midnight we'll choose the spawn with the most votes.

Winner of the overworld spawn gets two free revives and 1 "god apple". The runner up gets one free revive! Winner of the nether spawn gets 1 free revive (no runner up)! This means one winner could potentially win 3 free revives.

Thanks to all who submitted a spawn! Good luck!