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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
246 Tabsz1 21/11 00:10 1d 13h 38m shot by Skeleton why ruin it with a fork?
245 Bloodcurdle 20/11 21:37 0d 18h 59m slain by Zombie Villager BR0THY Should I transfer my OF cape to her? This account has no migration cape
244 5tk18 20/11 19:50 0d 16h 3m blown up by Creeper lol baby zombie almost pushed me out of spawn while i was afk
243 sig00 20/11 19:20 0d 8h 43m shot by Skeleton wb Cheid
242 TheVillageHero 20/11 18:55 0d 0h 13m Slain by Player CraftasticMan Stone axe ew
241 wols 20/11 08:49 0d 1h 54m slain by Fruit Punch Samurai G using [Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon] ,|,
240 PewSeeLicker69 20/11 07:31 0d 23h 5m blown up by Creeper EAT SHIT
239 Animadversa 20/11 03:52 4d 0h 2m burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Loucksyy Loucksyy Or anyone lol
238 RezJudaise 20/11 02:33 6d 8h 13m blown up by Creeper yes
237 Reno_III 19/11 23:57 0d 3h 42m slain by Zombie ok
236 superfirehero 19/11 23:51 0d 0h 13m fell while climbing Reno_III
235 celicagt4 19/11 19:51 11d 14h 26m Slain by Player bb Netherite sword rip
234 AeroDynamics2 19/11 19:51 0d 2h 29m tried to swim in lava test
233 Bollog 19/11 19:47 0d 8h 0m drowned Let me go with you Tal
232 TalRasha 19/11 19:46 1d 4h 31m suffocated in a wall Have mercy on my soul
231 PrincessRobyn 19/11 18:48 0d 4h 48m drowned oh neat an orange pool to swim in
230 wols 19/11 18:34 0d 1h 54m shot by Skeleton brb
229 Cheid 19/11 17:25 0d 0h 11m stung to death it's OVER for you guys once i find food
228 Rhea1139 19/11 16:46 0d 1h 19m shot by Skeleton you've got a book?
227 Puff707 19/11 16:19 0d 5h 46m drowned same :(
226 ADarkKing 19/11 10:10 0d 0h 1m fell from a high place hi
225 Animadversa 19/11 03:57 4d 0h 2m slain by Enderman It's lookin fiiiine
224 RezJudaise 19/11 01:09 6d 8h 13m Rezamanjudaise slain by Vindicator hey
223 celicagt4 18/11 15:48 11d 14h 26m slain by Piglin gn all b good
222 bb 18/11 04:24 5d 17h 42m drowned Dude Rhea1139