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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
1507 ZMEDUSA7 05/12 02:36 7d 9h 11m slain by Iron Golem just dont hit the same buuuut that could just be depression lol
1506 BlueTheory 04/12 16:58 0d 0h 52m shot by Skeleton lol
1505 PrincessRobyn 04/12 15:02 6d 15h 36m tried to swim in lava suicide bitches, off to the graveyard :D
1504 Pon__ 30/11 13:36 0d 0h 39m drowned helloe
1503 Cheid 29/11 17:18 3d 13h 50m tried to swim in lava oh ok
1502 arcadeboss 28/11 01:12 0d 15h 17m slain by Iron Golem good tip, i'll make boats
1501 BlueTheory 27/11 20:19 0d 0h 19m shot by Skeleton
1500 jacjac2 27/11 04:28 0d 2h 42m tried to swim in lava wb
1499 klaasjan222 25/11 21:09 0d 0h 36m slain by Zombie nah
1498 Krimzen77 25/11 20:51 0d 0h 44m Slain by Player klaasjan222 Stone axe glad the new maps here
1497 PrincessRobyn 24/11 21:58 6d 15h 36m slain by Shulker i made deviled eggs. my little egg steamer machine makes 7 at a time so i did two batchs.... forgeting that eggs cut in half doubles the amount. so many eggs x_x
1496 kyuumoth 23/11 17:02 8d 15h 14m experienced kinetic energy internet died ;;
1495 Wam 22/11 02:53 0d 0h 0m hit the ground too hard .
1494 Wam 22/11 02:52 0d 0h 0m shot by Skeleton .
1493 Wam 22/11 02:51 0d 0h 1m fell from a high place
1492 ZaitsevsSon 20/11 21:00 0d 0h 19m shot by Skeleton thanks though
1491 Pon__ 19/11 22:19 0d 0h 39m fell from a high place what is a cool place to die
1490 eXeSeV 18/11 21:55 0d 0h 43m drowned lol, I am able to do it myself thank you
1489 Jwood9198 17/11 21:29 0d 1h 19m fell from a high place
1488 CrimsonChaotix 17/11 21:21 0d 16h 58m tried to swim in lava ty
1487 ParticleX 16/11 06:23 7d 9h 26m slain by Slime like curb your enthusiasm
1486 elwaxxo 16/11 01:22 0d 0h 41m shot by Skeleton
1485 Animadversa 15/11 23:20 1d 1h 42m fell from a high place gn all
1484 GreenGuardian1 15/11 03:12 4d 21h 0m impaled by Drowned trying to move sheep at night
1483 StevePRGM 13/11 09:47 0d 0h 13m doomed to fall ..goodbye