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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
1396 Eridith 08/10 03:54 0d 0h 37m slain by Zombie MinMist gn!
1395 breadmastur 08/10 01:11 0d 14h 17m fell from a high place ominous
1394 FluffyRobyn 08/10 00:30 6d 15h 36m PrincessRobyn fell from a high place imagine if they were prenamed and you couldnt change them
1393 Alvur 07/10 18:46 0d 0h 45m fell off some vines ok
1392 snahrmy 07/10 14:57 3d 2h 36m obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek rich :)
1391 wols 07/10 08:44 0d 4h 28m shot by Skeleton nice to log in at sunrise ngl
1390 JimBouki 06/10 22:41 9d 6h 57m shot by Skeleton hello
1389 Pon__ 06/10 22:13 0d 0h 40m drowned ty
1388 Cheid 06/10 20:51 3d 13h 54m shot by Skeleton wb all
1387 Habjan 06/10 02:43 0d 7h 52m hit the ground too hard don't need to press control anymore
1386 Moskat_Nox 06/10 02:22 0d 1h 34m doomed to fall by Creeper what does that mean
1385 FastorFurious18 06/10 00:42 1d 10h 25m slain by Zombie giving locations isnt the best idea but i trust you guys, don't ruin that.
1384 Ivanik_ 05/10 09:11 0d 0h 31m slain by Zombie this looks like something new
1383 HotRhombus 04/10 15:46 0d 2h 37m slain by Cave Spider XD
1382 FluffyRobyn 04/10 03:16 6d 15h 36m PrincessRobyn hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape Zombie Villager Vanilla with sprinkles
1381 GreenGuardian1 04/10 01:22 4d 21h 0m shot by Skeleton theirs a ton of mobs
1380 ArcticTundraIce 04/10 01:18 3d 20h 27m slain by Zombie GreenGuardian1 bye
1379 Spekd0x 03/10 19:38 0d 0h 59m blown up by Creeper best level for diamonds?
1378 bb 03/10 03:31 0d 0h 47m shot by Skeleton BYE
1377 omg 03/10 03:06 0d 0h 53m blown up by Creeper bb wow it's small
1376 ItsCapiMC 02/10 20:35 0d 21h 45m shot by Skeleton xDestinity hi alpha
1375 bobbyfosher 02/10 20:04 0d 0h 29m slain by Zombie is there a world border
1374 BentleyE2015 02/10 17:58 0d 0h 20m shot by Skeleton
1373 ArcticTundraIce 02/10 01:36 0d 0h 20m shot by Skeleton
1372 beaqq 01/10 23:44 0d 7h 30m drowned bet ty