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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
446 TalRasha 21/12 03:21 1d 4h 31m hit the ground too hard il have to go home
445 EEgan 21/12 02:01 0d 5h 46m slain by Enderman einstein said the solution is on a different frequency of conciousness than the problem, so yes, they get solved by not thinking about them
444 Zor_Legacy 20/12 23:53 0d 2h 17m blown up by Creeper :)
443 bb 20/12 23:39 5d 17h 42m experienced kinetic energy alrr
442 Zor_Legacy 20/12 23:03 0d 2h 17m drowned anytime :)
441 Trebonius 20/12 22:37 5d 18h 39m RichDawkins blown up by Creeper CHEID MAKE IT RAINN
440 nwjk 20/12 18:45 0d 0h 4m drowned ty
439 bb 20/12 03:28 5d 17h 42m tried to swim in lava u killin me ?
438 bb 20/12 03:18 5d 17h 42m impaled by Drowned u killin me ?
437 Puff707 20/12 02:11 0d 5h 46m drowned ive been alive too long!
436 bb 19/12 22:15 5d 17h 42m slain by Zombie its alr
435 Gimmii 19/12 18:47 0d 0h 27m shot by Skeleton i loggedi n and died 10 mins later
434 Dino_Saurus 19/12 17:42 0d 14h 47m drowned good i hate pigs
433 dragoncheese 19/12 08:16 0d 0h 0m drowned
432 bb 19/12 02:33 5d 17h 42m Slain by Player kiss Diamond axe Player ive alr been in there
431 celicagt4 18/12 22:03 11d 14h 26m slain by Enderman unreal
430 Zph1 18/12 19:34 0d 1h 2m impaled by Drowned Oof I don't even remember where it is tbh
429 dionysoraptor 18/12 09:18 3d 14h 20m fell from a high place οκ
428 Snickellfritz 18/12 00:43 0d 0h 2m tried to swim in lava i think lava will do just fine
427 eXeSeV 17/12 23:13 1d 3h 43m blown up by Creeper No day/night cycle
426 wols 17/12 09:35 0d 1h 54m fell from a high place a
425 Habjan 17/12 05:25 7d 14h 37m _ experienced kinetic energy idc that he died i was just battling my morality on if i should kill him or not
424 PewSeeLicker69 17/12 05:04 0d 23h 5m tried to swim in lava chupa mi mierda grande!
423 Reno_III 17/12 04:53 0d 3h 42m blown up by Creeper Habjan we need cobble
422 poO_onyou 17/12 03:28 3d 5h 49m slain by Magma Cube 10k