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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
471 celicagt4 28/12 21:18 11d 14h 26m blown up by Creeper ty
470 AeroDynamics2 28/12 04:26 0d 2h 29m shot by Skeleton I'm off to graveyard
469 MrBabs 27/12 13:31 2d 13h 6m slain by Zombie hi!
468 DuplexEagle 27/12 12:46 0d 1h 17m blown up by Creeper Do any of you know what time of day the sun starts burning monsters?
467 Bollog 27/12 09:14 0d 8h 0m drowned good morning!
466 SlimeBetel 26/12 20:30 0d 0h 7m slain by Zombie
465 BearGrilled 25/12 18:32 0d 4h 37m fell off a ladder sounds like fun!
464 lowfpsplayer 24/12 11:54 0d 1h 3m slain by Zombie take care
463 kiss 23/12 21:30 0d 17h 6m Slain by Player bb Netherite sword Player ;o
462 MaRek_125 23/12 20:54 0d 1h 55m suffocated in a wall here we go
461 TalRasha 23/12 19:19 1d 4h 31m Slain by Player Player Trident RIP me
460 eXeSeV 23/12 19:16 1d 3h 43m slain by Drowned there is a lot to break there
459 Cheid 23/12 18:33 0d 0h 11m fell out of the world wheeeeeee
458 Scjhit 23/12 17:32 0 slain by admin Scjhit im playing with my trident at the top of the world
457 PrincessRobyn 23/12 17:04 0d 4h 48m slain by Zombie campfire was still on lol
456 wols 23/12 16:23 0d 1h 54m slain by Zombie a
455 nwjk 23/12 16:12 0d 0h 4m drowned ew its the ow
454 CHAUNCEYYY 23/12 07:59 6d 20h 15m fell out of the world yo
453 JesseDaniel99 22/12 10:20 0d 2h 29m blown up by Creeper sup
452 xtyl 22/12 02:56 2d 18h 49m blown up by Creeper also a cool sign wall
451 69ILikeCheese69 22/12 00:45 0d 8h 19m tried to swim in lava welp
450 kiss 21/12 22:06 0d 17h 6m killed by [Intentional Game Design] ill buy you a unban if you keep playing
449 Krab_Man 21/12 21:44 2d 4h 57m blown up by Creeper MAN MODE !!!
448 Player 21/12 19:32 8d 2h 10m tried to swim in lava to escape Magma Cube Cya!
447 kiss 21/12 07:03 0d 17h 6m fell from a high place yeah it gets produced naturally in my brain and rots it