Players List

Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
423 Reno_III 17/12 04:53 0d 3h 42m blown up by Creeper Habjan we need cobble
422 poO_onyou 17/12 03:28 3d 5h 49m slain by Magma Cube 10k
421 Cheid 17/12 03:11 0d 0h 11m Slain by Player CHAUNCEYYY Stone sword heya
420 bb 17/12 03:10 5d 17h 42m tried to swim in lava im back
419 bb 17/12 03:02 5d 17h 42m tried to swim in lava yo
418 bb 17/12 02:39 5d 17h 42m experienced kinetic energy whilst trying to escape Vex whats your twitch
417 MaRek_125 16/12 18:31 0d 1h 55m tried to swim in lava i left his head on wooden fence close to were we had a fight
416 PrincessRobyn 16/12 18:14 0d 4h 48m slain by Zombie living__computer campfire was still on lol
415 Bollog 16/12 17:44 0d 8h 0m drowned good bye
414 CHAUNCEYYY 16/12 04:53 6d 20h 15m withered away whilst fighting Blaze no but i grew up closer to gary than i did chicago
413 Sheep804 15/12 19:47 0d 0h 2m slain by Zombie heyy
412 magentascreaming 14/12 23:14 2d 0h 23m tried to swim in lava jst travel there and convert ez
411 Dreams 14/12 19:15 1d 23h 47m starved to death W
410 dionysoraptor 14/12 14:14 3d 14h 20m slain by Zombie hi
409 magentascreaming 14/12 05:00 2d 0h 23m burned to death jst travel there and convert ez
408 living__computer 14/12 04:38 15d 14h 13m suffocated in a wall The fairplay version is 100% legal
407 magentascreaming 14/12 02:06 2d 0h 23m blown up by Creeper also free rich
406 Player 13/12 08:14 8d 2h 10m slain by Piglin alaska is apart of the US right?
405 EEgan 13/12 00:29 0d 5h 46m skewered by a falling stalactite
404 celicagt4 12/12 20:13 11d 14h 26m burned to death seccond pase greefed jesc
403 Nuitari333 12/12 13:19 5d 4h 25m drowned Hi ya
402 PrincessRobyn 12/12 03:04 0d 4h 48m slain by Zombie i said WE DEAD TODAY
401 AeroDynamics2 11/12 21:49 0d 2h 29m shot by Skeleton LSTH D:
400 LSTH 11/12 21:37 0d 19h 1m slain by Ender Dragon Hey Polie
399 bb 11/12 21:21 5d 17h 42m fell out of the world and he couldnt pick them up