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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
496 wols 04/01 18:16 0d 1h 54m fell from a high place a
495 MrBabs 04/01 06:49 2d 13h 6m Slain by Player Trebonius Netherite sword k now need to afk =) be back later though.. whole day gaming =)
494 KombatGod7 04/01 05:33 0d 1h 6m blown up by Creeper wby
493 lowfpsplayer 03/01 20:53 0d 1h 3m Slain by Player Trebonius Netherite axe fair enough
492 FerndogM 02/01 21:13 0d 0h 2m Slain by Player Trebonius Trident man mode
491 celicagt4 02/01 19:30 11d 14h 26m shot by Skeleton well i got to start allover again some hacker greefed my base
490 MrBabs 02/01 18:36 2d 13h 6m fell from a high place sry cant spell
489 MoonLooks4Stars 02/01 03:23 0d 2h 47m Slain by Player Trebonius Iron sword honnestly not sure about this dude
488 eXeSeV 01/01 23:45 1d 3h 43m slain by Warden BBL
487 JimBouki 01/01 21:03 10d 0h 43m slain by Piglin Brute hi guys
486 arcadeboss 01/01 06:10 1d 23h 8m shot by Skeleton anyone know how death resets are working?
485 AeroDynamics2 01/01 04:29 0d 2h 29m drowned heyo
484 divach 31/12 04:07 0d 5h 13m suffocated in a wall ok i am die then
483 arcadeboss 31/12 03:39 1d 23h 8m slain by Zombie
482 Reno_III 31/12 02:46 0d 3h 42m drowned hi reel
481 RezJudaise 31/12 02:12 6d 8h 13m slain by Zombified Piglin hey Kiss
480 Bollog 30/12 21:48 0d 8h 0m drowned Reno_III thx
479 nwjk 30/12 20:57 0d 0h 4m slain by Zombie im using the zombies and skeletons to farm rotten flesh inside spawn
478 MaRek_125 30/12 20:17 0d 1h 55m blown up by Creeper here we go
477 Cheid 30/12 17:32 0d 0h 11m fell out of the world ewEwEWWWWW, get this thing OFF ME!!!!
476 PrincessRobyn 30/12 16:16 0d 4h 48m shot by Skeleton campfire was still on lol
475 RezJudaise 29/12 13:07 6d 8h 13m fell from a high place i placed it in that chest as well =)
474 RezJudaise 29/12 03:58 6d 8h 13m blown up by Creeper ncie!
473 Reno_III 29/12 03:44 0d 3h 42m slain by Zombie Rez?
472 EricLovesPercs 29/12 03:06 0d 0h 11m slain by Spider