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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
922 nemesi 26/03 06:05 0d 0h 12m shot by Skeleton i meant __Cullen
921 kebe25 25/03 18:50 0d 0h 2m blown up by Creeper sniffybearo
920 Bollog 25/03 17:58 0d 5h 1m shot by Skeleton hi
919 PrincessRobyn 25/03 17:27 2d 10h 56m drowned good bye crual world
918 Bloodcurdle 25/03 13:36 0d 1h 36m drowned hi
917 Highlord_Lock 25/03 00:57 1d 7h 40m doomed to fall hi
916 Cheid 24/03 22:18 0d 19h 8m pricked to death oh what are you doing step-cacti?
915 Highlord_Lock 24/03 21:54 1d 7h 40m blown up by Creeper hi
914 Nuitari333 24/03 16:50 0d 13h 24m drowned when you need a calc so figure out how many stacks of blocks you need, then builds are on the right track
913 Highlord_Lock 23/03 07:45 1d 7h 40m blown up by Creeper cool
912 SonofZaitsev 23/03 07:15 0d 3h 10m fell from a high place Having a real problem connecting to servers RN
911 Clionn 22/03 05:06 0d 0h 11m drowned OK
910 ZMEDUSA7 22/03 04:58 8d 13h 37m fell from a high place welcome
909 ThrottledFilmsYT 22/03 02:01 0d 0h 46m slain by Zombie f in chat
908 Doofis211 22/03 01:45 0d 3h 30m hit the ground too hard yea im stuck
907 FrancisTheGoat 21/03 21:03 6d 17h 28m fell out of the world gn
906 M_rc 20/03 20:20 0d 0h 8m fell from a high place oh shit
905 12virtue 20/03 00:23 0d 0h 0m tried to swim in lava im still fine
904 12virtue 20/03 00:22 0d 0h 3m slain by Zombie who else is dead
903 atingle_ 19/03 19:01 0d 0h 5m fell from a high place K
902 Lost7176 18/03 17:04 4d 16h 23m blown up by Creeper hey hey hey
901 ViolentMeow 18/03 05:11 0d 8h 29m tried to swim in lava im on
900 Cheid 18/03 02:29 0d 19h 8m blown up by Creeper it;s cool
899 Jwood9198 17/03 22:52 2d 5h 22m shot by Skeleton \o ty
898 PrincessRobyn 17/03 22:42 2d 10h 56m drowned im just not in the mood