Players List

Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
747 Cilek 19/02 13:49 0d 0h 3m slain by Spider FearOnGate hello
746 Marukusui 19/02 13:45 0d 1h 7m doomed to fall by Zombie why i still alive?
745 BR0THY 19/02 13:26 0d 2h 27m slain by Zombie is anyone else have frame issues out the ass
744 EpikMangolol 19/02 13:25 0d 0h 7m blown up by Creeper Acexers wait lemme get my mic
743 Galactic584 19/02 13:03 0d 0h 5m slain by Zombie
742 Marukusui 19/02 12:35 0d 0h 41m blown up by Creeper to make a villarger farm
741 bb 19/02 11:55 0d 0h 33m slain by Enderman ik
740 Bloodcurdle 19/02 11:36 0d 1h 36m shot by Skeleton hi
739 Miscanthian 19/02 11:00 0d 0h 39m shot by Skeleton the map is just 750 big?