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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
1047 Animadversa 12/05 01:09 5d 2h 7m starved to death So that would be nice yeah. I gotta put the kids into bed but I'll be back on in one half hour
1046 TraumaticWheel 11/05 22:49 0d 4h 31m blown up by Creeper is the map small?
1045 carsonplayzYT 11/05 20:15 0d 4h 4m fell out of the world TH
1044 Zariodan 09/05 03:54 2d 17h 47m fell out of the world does totem of undying work on the server ?
1043 Alex_Yolo_Qc 09/05 03:54 3d 1h 59m fell out of the world Zariodan rip
1042 AeroDynamics2 09/05 00:37 0d 0h 15m fell from a high place I guess I'm gonna die :(
1041 GreenGuardian1 07/05 21:56 3d 3h 47m blown up by Creeper hmm not a clue
1040 Cheid 07/05 20:48 0d 19h 8m slain by Spider brb
1039 dionysoraptor 07/05 12:32 0d 0h 58m drowned καλημέρα...Τι κάνεις?
1038 Wiss_Legend 06/05 22:54 0d 0h 0m suffocated in a wall MasterEvo
1037 MasterEvo 06/05 22:54 0d 0h 1m suffocated in a wall Wiss_Legend
1036 ParticleX 06/05 21:03 5d 23h 25m fell out of the world these maps are anti explorer/builder
1035 RaspberryRob 06/05 14:38 0d 8h 36m drowned hgey
1034 Ao_Nang 05/05 18:37 0d 0h 4m drowned do i have to wait for the campfire time to run out ?
1033 jacjac2 05/05 18:11 0d 0h 19m shot by Skeleton ok
1032 TalRasha 05/05 18:03 4d 21h 50m drowned but i got no time to wait
1031 Nuitari333 05/05 17:11 0d 13h 24m tried to swim in lava lol
1030 EpicBlueHippo 05/05 06:48 0d 0h 14m drowned can you go to the end in GY?
1029 jacjac2 03/05 17:59 0d 0h 19m drowned so i can get to graveyard
1028 MaRek_125 30/04 21:08 0d 8h 15m tried to swim in lava yes. real life happened
1027 PrincessRobyn 29/04 22:36 2d 10h 56m drowned sweet death here i come
1026 watereddownwill 29/04 19:37 0d 2h 10m drowned o/
1025 lowercasekxtie 29/04 19:32 0d 1h 47m drowned im not sure if he is tonight, but probably soon!
1024 TalRasha 29/04 06:55 4d 21h 50m drowned time to die
1023 Nuitari333 28/04 20:20 0d 13h 24m blown up by Creeper lol