Players List

Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
1072 ItsYoneko 18/05 17:11 0d 0h 0m shot by Skeleton it doesnt
1071 Dimoff 18/05 16:54 0d 0h 2m YELLOWSUPERCAR83 shot by Skeleton how many times have u died
1070 ParticleX 18/05 16:30 5d 23h 25m fell out of the world toodles
1069 Claudconfined 18/05 15:23 1d 11h 26m fell from a high place a
1068 SJClash 17/05 10:16 3d 19h 41m killed by [Intentional Game Design] i had a look on the website but i think the world border size was wrong
1067 AeroDynamics2 16/05 04:16 0d 0h 15m fell from a high place you got a base in graveyard yet?
1066 unknownmgnon 15/05 09:36 0d 4h 27m shot by Skeleton o7
1065 TuranS 14/05 13:48 0d 0h 29m doomed to fall by Skeleton how bigs the map
1064 Teh_Rojoverde 14/05 06:19 0d 0h 1m slain by Spider
1063 MasterEvo 14/05 03:32 0d 0h 1m drowned
1062 priiyur 14/05 01:42 0d 2h 41m discovered the floor lava Animadversa ty
1061 priiyur 14/05 01:40 0d 0h 0m drowned Animadversa now what? baqck at spawn
1060 priiyur 14/05 01:39 0d 0h 0m shot by Skeleton thank you
1059 RezJudaise 14/05 01:24 2d 14h 30m drowned noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
1058 FastorFurious18 14/05 01:16 2d 1h 14m suffocated in a wall 1 heart
1057 Mefu 13/05 05:04 0d 19h 51m shot by Skeleton hi!
1056 Animadversa 13/05 00:04 5d 2h 7m slain by Piglin oh hai
1055 Cheid 12/05 22:18 0d 19h 8m tried to swim in lava brb
1054 PrincessRobyn 12/05 21:43 2d 10h 56m fell from a high place and away i go
1053 MaRek_125 12/05 19:48 0d 8h 15m tried to swim in lava hello tal. i saw you finally did some progress on museum
1052 TalRasha 12/05 18:53 4d 21h 50m drowned but i got no time to wait
1051 Ao_Nang 12/05 18:49 0d 0h 4m drowned do i have to wait for the campfire time to run out ?
1050 Nuitari333 12/05 17:08 0d 13h 24m drowned lol
1049 TraumaticWheel 12/05 17:02 0d 4h 31m tried to swim in lava is the map small?
1048 PrincessRobyn 12/05 02:13 2d 10h 56m drowned and away i go