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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
274 Jorgg__ 27/11 19:36 0d 5h 54m shot by Skeleton kill yourself
273 Tabsz1 27/11 18:10 1d 13h 38m shot by Skeleton wb
272 Cretrel 27/11 15:58 0d 1h 7m shot by Skeleton np mate =)
271 celicagt4 27/11 10:56 11d 14h 26m slain by Vex gn all
270 wols 27/11 09:35 0d 1h 54m tried to swim in lava ,|,
269 Animadversa 27/11 04:19 4d 0h 2m shot by Skeleton FastorFurious18 why lol
268 Cheid 26/11 22:25 0d 0h 11m fell from a high place why is the suicide booth not here
267 Snickellfritz 26/11 18:30 0d 0h 2m drowned Tell me how im supposed to breath with no air
266 eXeSeV 26/11 18:15 1d 3h 43m slain by Zombie Going to see the Warden
265 PrincessRobyn 26/11 17:29 0d 4h 48m drowned i said WE DEAD TODAY
264 Rhea1139 26/11 16:40 0d 1h 19m shot by Skeleton ?
263 ringlong 26/11 04:25 0d 2h 0m shot by Skeleton
262 Trebusca 26/11 01:30 0d 1h 52m blown up by Creeper o/
261 Snickellfritz 26/11 00:00 0d 0h 2m drowned oh sweet death
260 jfalk_ 25/11 19:38 0d 0h 47m slain by Zombie Villager hello!!
259 1millionmidgets 25/11 19:36 0d 3h 29m burned to death ohhh a nazi truck hit you
258 JediFlamaster 25/11 13:27 0d 1h 58m burned to death ClownPierce how to disable pvp protection?
257 BongWizard420 25/11 01:20 0d 22h 36m blown up by Creeper you didn't used to be able to on this server when I used to play
256 LSTH 24/11 16:48 0d 19h 1m Slain by Player FerreMC Netherite sword ty
255 Tharch 24/11 00:46 1d 7h 41m Slain by Player ClownPierce Netherite sword i heard a door and a chest open lol
254 celicagt4 23/11 21:44 11d 14h 26m fell out of the world be a lover not a fighter
253 eXeSeV 23/11 21:18 1d 3h 43m blown up by Creeper hello
252 Nuitari333 23/11 21:08 5d 4h 25m impaled by Drowned lol didnt think id would see on eof theses out here
251 living__computer 23/11 19:44 15d 14h 13m Slain by Player Brottweiler Bow A
250 Deadlyche 23/11 18:59 0d 1h 1m shot by Skeleton my house is near the tunnel