Players List

Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
198 JimBouki 13/11 22:57 10d 0h 43m Slain by Player CHAUNCEYYY Diamond sword saw them? or place them?
197 living__computer 13/11 18:40 15d 14h 13m fell out of the world So
196 Bloodcurdle 13/11 17:47 0d 18h 59m shot by Skeleton Should I transfer my OF cape to her? This account has no migration cape
195 BR0THY 13/11 17:18 2d 16h 5m fell from a high place *amen
194 Mugen82 13/11 16:38 0d 3h 8m shot by Skeleton hello ^^
193 TalRasha 13/11 06:38 1d 4h 31m blown up by Creeper probably
192 PewSeeLicker69 13/11 00:06 0d 23h 5m went up in flames its ass inn
191 Noel 12/11 20:58 0d 7h 53m impaled by Drowned
190 __ALM__ 12/11 20:20 0d 0h 5m slain by Zombie
189 Bollog 12/11 20:18 0d 8h 0m drowned the sun is hurting my eyes
188 BongWizard420 12/11 19:53 0d 22h 36m blown up by Creeper
187 Rhea1139 12/11 19:32 0d 1h 19m shot by Skeleton and burn it to the ground
186 wols 12/11 18:57 0d 1h 54m fell from a high place oh
185 MaRek_125 12/11 18:38 0d 1h 55m shot by Skeleton welcome back to world of living
184 Nuitari333 12/11 18:21 5d 4h 25m drowned done and done.
183 Puff707 12/11 17:52 0d 5h 46m slain by Zombie rip
182 PrincessRobyn 12/11 17:47 0d 4h 48m tried to swim in lava oh neat an orange pool to swim in
181 eXeSeV 12/11 17:41 1d 3h 43m tried to swim in lava why
180 Aegardig 12/11 17:39 0d 0h 56m shot by Skeleton hi
179 Cheid 12/11 17:36 0d 0h 11m blown up by Creeper do bears shit in the woods?
178 Tharch 12/11 16:38 1d 7h 41m blown up by Creeper you too
177 celicagt4 12/11 09:16 11d 14h 26m slain by Enderman hi yeall
176 JimBouki 12/11 03:54 10d 0h 43m Slain by Player poO_onyou Diamond sword CHAUNCEYYY hi rez
175 5tk18 12/11 03:35 0d 16h 3m killed by Guardian using magic ok its not a pufferfish, it's a "guardian"
174 That_Guy_Corbin 11/11 07:55 2d 17h 10m fell out of the world Fuck