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Below is a list of player deaths this month.

Causes of Deaths

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Types of Deaths

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#   Name Date Survived Cause Killer Weapon Witness Last Words
148 Reelitchy 06/11 03:35 3d 7h 18m slain by Zombie thanks
147 Nuitari333 06/11 01:18 5d 4h 25m fell from a high place i think ill be in the GY in under 30 min, tryign for the 3ed time to get my stuff back in the oW
146 Enderwar411 05/11 23:36 0d 2h 43m shot by Skeleton cool
145 SweetxPanda 05/11 21:21 0d 0h 12m drowned That's all I needed to know
144 BR0THY 05/11 20:43 2d 16h 5m fell out of the world exactly
143 __ALM__ 05/11 20:21 0d 0h 5m fell from a high place
142 Habjan 05/11 19:33 7d 14h 37m _ fell from a high place 5tk18 yea
141 bb 05/11 19:33 5d 17h 42m fell from a high place ewmeep wouldnt be the same
140 An_Evil_Taco17 05/11 18:24 0d 4h 7m slain by Wolf
139 Puff707 05/11 17:38 0d 5h 46m shot by Skeleton get a boat
138 Koba_Timur 05/11 17:31 0d 9h 50m fell from a high place BarbaricZar gg
137 TalRasha 05/11 16:54 1d 4h 31m drowned bye
136 Bollog 05/11 16:45 0d 8h 0m drowned the sun is hurting my eyes
135 Greydonkey 05/11 16:29 0d 1h 36m slain by Zombie what is the world border at?
134 wols 05/11 16:19 0d 1h 54m fell from a high place yay
133 Cheid 05/11 16:19 0d 0h 11m fell from a high place poliepopper you are the bestest polie out of all the peppies and i want to visit your mouse house soon
132 dionysoraptor 05/11 16:15 3d 14h 20m blown up by Creeper it took me a while to equip myself.. i don't speak english well that's why i don't write often
131 PrincessRobyn 05/11 16:11 0d 4h 48m slain by Magma Cube hi
130 MaRek_125 05/11 16:11 0d 1h 55m slain by Wolf here we go again
129 RezJudaise 05/11 04:49 6d 8h 13m Rezamanjudaise impaled by Drowned hahaahahah
128 PewSeeLicker69 05/11 04:47 0d 23h 5m blown up by Creeper she does not have to live with the shame of being your mom
127 RezJudaise 05/11 02:50 6d 8h 13m Rezamanjudaise tried to swim in lava wooohooo ef 4 fort 3 and unbreak 3 on second pick
126 Bloodcurdle 04/11 22:44 0d 18h 59m drowned Should I transfer my OF cape to her? This account has no migration cape
125 Rehg06 04/11 21:52 0d 0h 47m slain by Zombie Where are the rules?
124 Ridan_Angel 04/11 20:59 0d 10h 29m blown up by Creeper wot